Saturday Night Style: Sorted for Under $50

To celebrate being back in the amazing Australian Summer here is an outfit worthy of any Saturday night spent on a rooftop bar, and for under $50 ($47 in fact) – “How?!” I hear you ask? Simple! Here is the breakdown…

House of Emerald Saturday Night Style

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A Night in the Front Row

This week I received my very first media pass in the mail to attend Niki Teljega‘s show case event, so in true fashion blogger style off I and my DSLR went to the Powerhouse.

The show opened with a collection of head-turning designs from Niki’s archives, which produced quite a few collective intakes of breathe from the whole audience – no mean feat.

House of Emerald Fashion

House of Emerald Fashion

House of Emerald Fashion

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Barcelona in Black and White

You might be wondering why I am sharing only black and white photographs from a city as colourful as Barcelona? Read on…



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My Next Overseas Adventure: 100 Day Countdown

I’m very excited to announce my next overseas adventure is booked in and fast approaching – in 100 days I head to the USA and Hong Kong!


In 2010 I was lucky enough to visit San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, Las Vegas and Los Angeles on America’a West Coast, as well as island-hop in Thailand in 2012, so I can’t wait to go back and experience more of what North America and Asia have to offer.

Screenshot_2013-12-30-20-58-01 (1)

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Winter Carnival Couture*

At twenty-one I still find myself intrigued with the sensory overload that is the flashing colours and spinning lights of a carnival. The fireworks popping overhead whileΒ you shriek in delight as you spin faster and faster again on the dizzying, heady rides. A vivid childhood memory I was all too happy to revisit as an adult, albeit a young at heart one… and this is what I wore.

*The term couture has been used very loosely.

Winter carnival couture House of Emerald Winter carnival couture House of Emerald Winter carnival couture House of Emerald

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