Barcelona in Black and White

You might be wondering why I am sharing only black and white photographs from a city as colourful as Barcelona? Read on…



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My Next Overseas Adventure: 100 Day Countdown

I’m very excited to announce my next overseas adventure is booked in and fast approaching – in 100 days I head to the USA and Hong Kong!


In 2010 I was lucky enough to visit San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, Las Vegas and Los Angeles on America’a West Coast, as well as island-hop in Thailand in 2012, so I can’t wait to go back and experience more of what North America and Asia have to offer.

Screenshot_2013-12-30-20-58-01 (1)

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Winter Carnival Couture*

At twenty-one I still find myself intrigued with the sensory overload that is the flashing colours and spinning lights of a carnival. The fireworks popping overhead whileΒ you shriek in delight as you spin faster and faster again on the dizzying, heady rides. A vivid childhood memory I was all too happy to revisit as an adult, albeit a young at heart one… and this is what I wore.

*The term couture has been used very loosely.

Winter carnival couture House of Emerald Winter carnival couture House of Emerald Winter carnival couture House of Emerald

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Vivid Sydney

2014; the year I finally ventured South to Vivid Sydney – and now you can too! Here are some of the photographs I captured at the festival.

Vivid Sydney House of Emerald 13

Vivid Sydney House of Emerald 14

Vivid Sydney House of Emerald 8

Vivid Sydney House of Emerald 4

Sydney Opera House Vivid Sydney

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Must-Do’s in Bruges

2013-05-27 21.28.14

The undeniably charming Bruges is a must-visit in Belgium. So how best to discover the je ne sais quois of this fairytale town for yourself? Let me show you…

Start in Market Square, the charming town centre which is lined with the ‘lego’ red brick buildings Bruges is known for. Markets are held here every Wednesday.

2013-05-27 21.38.50 - Copy2013-05-27 21.36.50

2013-05-27 21.38.36 - Copy

Then get lost… branch off from here on foot and take in the brick Gothic architecture, cute shopfronts and beautiful canals and bridges. There is a picture-perfect moment around every corner???????????????????????????????

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